Glass Splashbacks

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Kitchen splashbacks are one of the most important elements of any kitchen makeover or kitchen renovation and must be chosen wisely. On one hand, it protects the walls from splashes and stains, which so easily occur when the family is cooking, eating, drinking and socialising. On the other, it’s a striking element visually, so it should be harmonious with your interior design. Can you picture a dazzling mirror splashback in your kitchen? Or perhaps a photo splashback personalised with a loved one to keep you company in the kitchen? Or, a vivid coloured splashback to make a bold statement? No matter your tastes, we can help.

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Splashbacks are available in numerous materials and glass is one of the most popular. This is because it offers an array of benefits. For a start, it’s durable. Of course, you might think of glass splashbacks as a fragile material that shatters easily, but the glass used on our toughened glass splashback is tested and designed to handle the load of a busy household. It’s highly unlikely crack, even under pressure. In addition, it is resistant to stains. In fact, one of the wonderful qualities of glass is that it maintains its appearance, even after years and years of use.

On top of that, glass can be cleaned without any hassle. Needless to say, it’s likely to get dirty. But, to clean it, all you need is a soft cloth and a glass-friendly cleaning solution, making a white glass splashback ideal for even the most busy household. If you’re keen to minimise cleaning, then you can think about adding a protective shield, to keep oil and fats away.

Or design your own

Another appealing aspect of glass is that it’s lovely to look at. Glass goes well with nearly everything, so, regardless of your kitchen reno design, you’ll be able to order a glass splashback to match. A variety of colours, textures and patterns are available, which means you can add a touch of character or quirkiness, if you’d like.

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