Acrlyic Door Styles

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If a high gloss finish is crucial to your kitchen renovation, then you might like to think about an acrylic door. You’d be hard pressed to find a material that provides a glossier finish. In fact, acrylic is often compared to a mirror, it’s so shiny you can see yourself reflected in it. In this way, acrylic adds a dash of luxury to your interior, but without the high cost of similar materials. Consider combining your acrylic door with an equally dazzling mirror splashback for the ultimate in luxurious surroundings.

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Perfect for the Australian climate

Although acrylic has been around for a long time, it has become increasingly technologically advanced in recent years, leading to impressive durability and reliability. Essentially, acrylic created via a high-tech process, which involves applying premium quality plastic to fibreboard, through lamination. This board, technically referred to as E-0 MR MDF, is medium density, moisture resistant and low emission. Lamination binds the fibre and plastic together, so it doesn’t peel or become unstuck, even after years and years of use or exposure to stressful conditions. Moreover, acrylic is particularly suitable to the Australian climate because it is resistant to UV light. You don’t have to worry about the fading of colour.

Eco-friendly Acrylic door designs

Another appealing aspect of an acrylic door is its eco-friendly characteristics. Acrylic can be recycled so, should you decide to replace your doors down the track, they won’t have to go into landfill. Also, acrylic does not contain any volatile organic compounds or heavy metals.

Maintenance is incredibly straightforward. All you need is a soft cloth, such as a microfibre cloth, and warm, soapy water. Forget all about harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions, which are likely to do damage. If any scratches occur, they can be easily fixed with acrylic-friendly products.

We can provide you with an acrylic door to match nearly any kitchen renovation or remodelling, regardless of colour scheme, mood or style. To learn more or organise a visit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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